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First Impressions is (obviously) my first attempt at making a webcomic. While I have some very interesting things planned for the story, it's slow goings and I may not get to the deeper story for awhile. The characters from FI are actually characters from another manga universe I'm planning on doing, but FI takes place 1-2 years earlier. For information on the comic universe that FI is based on click here


Genre: Comedy, Martial Arts

Sammi is a teenage ninja and Nathan is... ah... something else. Sammi wields katanas and Nathan collects comic books. Watch as these unlikely friends get in and out of trouble in this comical story.

Frequently Asked Questions
About the Comic

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Q: Why are there only three characters?
A: There are more... They just haven't been introduced yet. Characters will be added to the profiles as they debut in the comic.

Q: When will the comic be back on a regular basis?
A: I'm not sure. This is the second time I've put the comic on hiatus, and while I hate to do it, I just don't have the time to update the comic every week right now. But I'll try to get back to doing that as soon as I can.

Q: Will you accept my fanart of your characters?
A: Yeah! As long as I have space to host it, I'll try to put up the fanart I recieve. But regardless, I always love seeing fanart! So send it on! ^_^

Q: Do you want guest strips for your manga?
A: Sure! I'd love to see your versions of my characters and things you'd like to see happen. ^_^ You can also email me about things you'd like to see happen in FI... and who knows? Maybe I'll use it!

Q: Can I use your art on my site and not give you any credit?
A: No! My art is copyrighted and I won't allow anyone to use it without my permission. I spend alot of time and effort on each one. If you would like to use a piece of art, email and ask me first.

As always, email me with questions and you might see them here!

Author Bio

Visit my *new* personal gallery site at

          Name: Rachel
          D.O.B: April 18
          Homepage: (new gallery)
          (old gallery)
          Location: North Carolina, USA

I've been drawing for nearly two years now and am self-taught. I started drawing webcomics last year, and hope to keep adding more.

Sammi was my first character and for the longest time, I only had three characters: Sammi, Nathan, and Reiko. But now I have over 40 characters, each with a unique personality and story. It's gotten rather hard to keep track of them. lol. The number of characters I have keeps growing and will continue to do so as long as I keep drawing! *whew!* ^_^


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