Age: 15

Eyes: Blue    Hair: Blonde

Sammi's father disappeared when she was very young, so she lives alone with her mother. She trains in the ninja arts at her mother's dojo. Sammi and Nathan have been friends from an early age, although sometimes he really gets on her nerves.


Age: 15

Eyes: Green    Hair: Brown

Nathan is, well, different. Comic books, video games, and superheroes are his passion. He just can't seem to keep his room clean, dispite his valiant efforts. Surprisingly, he's a rather good student. But that doesn't keep him from trying his best to avoid homework.


Age: 15

Eyes: Green    Hair: Red

Bobby is a realist and a pretty down-to-earth person. He is often the voice of reason to Nathan's insanity. Bobby is friends with both Sammi and Nathan and usually seems to be the one breaking up their arguments. He is a huge fan of the Galaxy Wars movies.

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